President's Newsletter Foreword (December 2022)


It is with great pleasure and joy that I launch this inaugural issue of our Newsletter. The Newsletter is intended to keep you informed of the events and activities of our Institute and also to have members share views on expert work. To that end, this issue includes 2 excellent articles written by two of our members.

I hope that through this issue of the Newsletter, you will all enjoy keeping up to date with our activities and the articles featured in this issue. It is also my hope that all of us will contribute to our Newsletter by reporting on events and activities.

More importantly, it is my hope that members will contribute articles based on personal experiences and of course, based on professional views and opinions on subject matters in each of your specialized expert areas. 

In this first issue of our Newsletter, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those who helped to produce the Newsletter. In particular, and on your behalf, I would like to acknowledge and thank our Treasurer Ben Chester Cheong for organizing and producing this inaugural issue of our Newsletter. It is hoped that we will publish two issues each year. Finally, let me take this opportunity to wish one and all a joyous Christmas! 

Prof Leslie Chew SC

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