President's Message (August 2020)


Dear Friends

Welcome to the website of the newly established Asia Pacific Institute of Experts (APIEx)!

We are not actually new.  We are the same group who started Expert Witness Institute Singapore as a branch of EWI London.  We had our very first EWI Singapore Conference in October last year.  As many of you would know, however, sadly we had to disengage ourselves from EWI London.  To prevent our earlier efforts with EWI from going to waste, and as the members of the EWI Singapore Committee are still keen to develop the Expert Witness space in Singapore, we decided to obtain approval from the authorities to re-engineer ourselves into the present local version.  Hence, the birth of APIEx. 

For a long time, I personally felt that as a leading disputes resolution hub, Singapore had one missing piece.  There is no organization or group that addresses the needs of the community of Experts who provide expert evidence in the courts and in other tribunals.  It was with this thought in mind that I led efforts to set up EWI Singapore.  My sentiment has not changed.  So it is with the same idea and objective that my colleagues in the former EWI Singapore Committee and I, have established APIEx. 

Essentially, APIEx is a Singapore-based registered society which aims to spearhead the development of professional expertise in the field of Expert evidence both locally and in the Asia Pacific region.   A core mission of the society is to develop and provide a framework for the accreditation of Experts to meet international standards.  This mission will be achieved through education, training and collaboration in local and regional conferences and workshops in the Asia Pacific region. 

APIEx will provide an avenue for practicing Experts and those who aspire to become accredited practicing Experts, to develop their expertise and to connect with other Experts and consumers of expert evidence.

At this point, I would like to acknowledge and thank my colleagues on the former EWI Singapore Committee for their sterling support in this somewhat convoluted venture.  So thank you to Chan Leng Sun SC, Iain Potter, John Gibson, Derek Tan and Assoc Prof Tan Teng Hooi.   A special thanks should go to both Iain and John who had the initial conversations regarding this project with EWI London.

In time to come, it is my hope that APIEx will help build an Asia Pacific hub based in Singapore, for the work of Experts and the continuing professional development of Experts. 

I encourage all to join us in this fresh effort.  Join the Asia Pacific Institute of Experts!


Prof Leslie Chew SC

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